It’s pocket-sized performance, and sooo perfect for the Nintendo Switch.

We’ll keep this one simple and easy, just like our capture card! Measuring a mere 4” by 2.5” inches in width and height, the Live Gamer MINI is comparable to the size of a standard index card, and captures in full 1080p60. 

Easiest setup:

The Live Gamer MINI uses USB 2.0 and has an HDMI in and out port, which is suitable for use for capturing and streaming content from consoles to PC. With a max resolution of 1080p60, the MINI is a popular capture card for the Nintendo Switch, but can also be used for other consoles if you don’t see the need to stream or record at higher capacities.

Recording gameplay/capture content without overlays:

Streaming a great moment that you want to clip for a compilation later on? One of the Mini’s greatest functions is its capability to record footage of your gameplay with overlay, and one without, all at the same time, without overloading your CPU. 

Ready to see how it works?

Posted by:AVerMedia Technologies Inc.

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