We all remember booting up our favorite game and starting our first journey. The thrill of finding a new party member, defeating a powerful boss, or getting the new high score was (and still is) next to none, and playing through all those intense moments with our friends on the couch to cheer us on was the cherry on top. 

With streaming, we can now find ways to enjoy those very same moments, except our friends on the couch are now friends from all over the world. Revisit nostalgic Palette Town, Hyrule, Onett, Midgar and more, with a set up that’ll definitely take less time than saving the world.

Select Your Fighter:

Older consoles are technically incompatible with modern day TVs and monitors, due to the fact that they’re HDMI-only; however, with the proper tools, you can still brush off the dust from those retro systems and play. How? A simple converter is the key. 

Convert composite (RCA) video and audio into HDMI format with the ET111, which is perfect for the N64 or Gamecube. Alternatively, choose the ET113, which converts from component to HDMI, compatible with the PS2 and Xbox.

Composite? Component? Huh?

An easy way to determine whether your console is composite or component is indicated through the colored connectors on the system. Here’s an easy way to tell:

  • A mix of yellow, red, and white, you’ll be looking for a composite converter (ET111) 
  • If they’re a mix of red, green, and blue, you’ll need a component converter.

In short, hook up all the cables according to their color, along with the USB and HDMI. When connected properly, the light will glow green, indicating that you’re good to go.

Make it Streamable:

This part’s easy—it’s capture card time. Hook it up with any one of our favorite capture cards:

  • Live Gamer MINI
  • Live Gamer 4K
  • Live Gamer Ultra
  • Live Gamer Portable 2 Plus

If it’s an external card, it’s an easy plug and play before game time. Set it up in your streaming software of choice, and make adjustments as necessary. Your journey is about to begin!

Check out this step by step video guide to make sure you’re retro-ready: 

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