Play and record, even when you’re on the go. In the chaos of fast paced tournaments and friendly 1v1’s, now you can capture, record, or even stream the action so you (and your viewers) never miss another moment.

With the flexibility of three separate modes, choose the one that best fits your needs:

  • PC mode
    • It’s just as easy as it looks. Not only can you capture content, but you can choose to stream your games through the PC, too. Record with ease, knowing that you won’t need any extra hardware to save content in 1080p60 quality.
  • PC-free mode
    • No PC? No problem. Bring along a microSD card for your journey, and record on the go. If you’re lacking a power source, bring a power bank along for the ride! With help from the power bank, you’ll get hours of recorded content without a hitch. Just tap on the center button to start—as soon as the logo turns blue, you’re ready to capture and record. Record footage directly from game consoles, and even phones, without a complicated setup that requires your computer. When travelling at big events and tournaments, the PC-free mode is perfect for capturing footage, wherever you are.
  • Storage mode
    • Access the files directly by hooking your LGP2+ up to your computer. Pull up any recorded footage or file that you’ll need, without having to constantly worry about accidentally misplacing your microSD card.

“The added portability meant I could bring it along to fighting game tournaments and record live match footage to research and analyze later.”

Kai Powell, WCCF Tech

Having three convenient modes almost sounds too good to be true already, but the LGP2+ eliminates further complications by making live commentary and party chat a simple process to set up. The 3.5mm audio input on the LGP2+ removes the need for a microphone and audio splitter, and—you guessed it—makes this the easy choice for capturing and recording gameplay wherever you go.

Check out this review from Your Player 2:

Posted by:AVerMedia Technologies Inc.

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