Many of us interested in making videos face a major obstacle with a huge learning curve—editing. Popular editing software is often too complicated or too expensive for someone just starting out who just wants to make a quick highlight reel or straightforward gaming video.

We have a software that simplifies this process and lets you easily edit—while you record. It’s always on, so you can conveniently record and edit 30 seconds or 30 minutes of footage with just one program.

Introducing RECentral’s Live Editing feature.

First, download and install RECentral from AVerMedia, link right here!

Open the software and get started! Make sure you’re in “multi” mode even if you’re only using one source—Live Editing is not available in single source mode.

Next, add your capture sources: Display, Webcam, or Capture Card. You can also create and switch between scenes that use a combination of sources!

Once you have your sources loaded and see your game in the preview window, click “Live Editing” and start playing.

Live editing temporarily records up to an hour of footage. It’s always on, so you’ll never miss a moment.

Find your highlights, and set markers to clip them. You can set your markers by scrubbing through the timeline and clicking, or you can use a hotkey to set them as you play.

You can set hotkeys in the “Shortcuts” section of the settings.

Once you have the clips you want, remove what you’re not using from the final video with the trash can button. You’ll need a marker on either end of what you keep and what you delete, as seen in the GIF below. You can also restore deleted footage by clicking the arrow icon that appears over sections you’ve trashed. Once you’ve sorted through everything and have all the clips you want, hit save!

If you click “keep your marks,” you can go back and keep editing more clips! 

RECentral is an awesome, feature-packed software. We can’t cover it all in just one post, but this should get you started with its Live Editing feature!

Make your 15 second clip and a 10 minute video from an hour of recording, all in one software. Never miss a moment,and put your best shots together with RECentral by AVerMedia.

Check out this video guide to see RECentral in action and how to set it up:

Posted by:AVerMedia Technologies Inc.

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