Celebrating podcasts that keep us informed, entertained, and most importantly, keep us awake during long road trips, we’re ever grateful for the content creators that love to voice their passion with the world. For aspiring podcasters that are looking to learn more, we got the opportunity to ask our very own AVerMedia partner, Mekel Kasanova, to share his experiences with us!

Meet Mekel Kasanova, host of Hawaii’s #1 podcast: The Kasanova Podcast

Can you give us a quick introduction of yourself?

I’m Mekel Kasanova and I am a Hawaii based content creator, streamer, and host of Hawaii’s #1 podcast, The Kasanova Podcast, where I interview celebrities, content creators, voice actors, gaming and tech industries and more. The aim of my show is to educate people on the fields that my guests are in and to give them a peak behind the veil and a howto if they want to get into said industry plus it’s all about organic conversations with my guests and centers around not only what they do but them as a person and individual.

How did your podcast project begin, and when did you realize this was a passion you wanted to continue growing?

My podcast started roughly in 2015 where I was asked by a friend at the time to be a co-host on a podcast that he wanted to pursue doing of which I agreed to be part of. After about 6 or so episodes, my then friend decided to give up on the show of which I decided to start my own podcast considering I had all this equipment and wanted to put it to use. I started off speaking on various games and technology and then decided to reach out to various content creators that I enjoyed. I decided after interviewing various content creators that I wanted to reach out to individuals in other industries from Hollywood celebrities, the video game and tech industry and more and wanted to be a versatile show. Around 2019, I decided that I wanted to pursue podcasting full-time and from there decided to leave my job as a Senior Systems Analyst and move on to becoming a full time podcaster and content creator because I felt that this was my calling and I could make a living from it.

A peek at Mekel’s setup, RGB lights all aglow.

Could you share some of your favorite and least favorite parts in your process?

My favorite part is the editing process where I get to share and showcase my guests and what they do, especially when I promote the show on social media outlets. The least favorite part for me is the scheduling part, as it can be frustrating when you have a show to do and are waiting on a guest who may have forgotten or have decided to not show and don’t bother telling you.

What would you say is the most difficult part about a podcast that people often overlook?

The most difficult part of podcasting I’ve felt is making sure your audio is as clear and clean as possible. Audio is so critical to having a successful podcast that I’ve found myself constantly checking my audio levels to see if I’m peaking and if I’m having any plosives when I speak and if there is any background noise that I may need to either remove or readjust the settings of my mic to fix. Secondly, I would say is getting and then scheduling guests, as sometimes it’s a smooth process and other times it’s not, as I either reach out to individuals on Twitter both publicly and privately in DMs or by way of Email.

Who are some individuals that you would say have been the most influential to you in terms of growing and building your podcast?

The most influential person for me has been my friend Chris Van Vliet. The way he has been so successful over the years in interviewing various people from celebrities and more had a huge impact on me and how I wanted to approach doing podcasts which, fun fact, I’m who helped him launch his podcast. His style and easy going nature have been the largest aspecst that I have incorporated into my style and approach.

What is the most important advice you would share with someone looking to start their own podcast?

Honestly, it’s just to start recording today. I know many people worry about having to have the right equipment and branding, however, none of that matters if you don’t start. As you continue your style and substance will change and grow and as you grow and expand. Come to understand audio levels and monitoring as well as learning the difference between using a USB microphone and an XLR microphone and the audio interfaces of both.

Where can viewers find your podcast and other content online?

My podcast is available on all major podcast outlets, from Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Amazon Music, iHeartRadio and more in audio format, and video format on YouTube.com/MekelKasanova and Twitch.tv/MekelKasanova.

Is there anything else that you’d like to share with aspiring creators?

Being a creator is one of the most amazing things one can do, and in that, I want to see people creating and creating content that they themselves love and have passions for, because that passion can be felt by others and can even inspire others. Start today, start now, and start expressing yourself in your content and share your unique and special voice with the world.

And if you want to dig deeper for even more tips, Mekel’s also created a quick beginner’s guide on podcasting:

The large world of podcasts covers everything imaginable, from hot topics that come from the daily news, to why butterflies smell delicious—like, chocolate delicious. (Yeah, consider checking out the “Ologies” podcast for that fun fact.) To all of the wonderful creators out there, thank you for sharing your voice with the world; we hope you’ll continue to boldly create!

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