Give the gift of creativity this holiday season! For aspiring content creators to established creators, find a little something that’ll help you on your journey. From getting started to perfecting your stream setup, this holiday gift guide breaks it down into easy sections that’ll best suit your needs!


Prepare for top-notch content creation starting today, and for years to come with AVerMedia’s selection of 4K capture cards. Future-proof your live streaming and video content, just in time for next-generation consoles, and ensure that your capture card can keep up with the best of the best for years to come. Experience 4K without sacrificing quality, and choose from a selection of 4K capture cards that best fit your content creation needs!

Live Gamer DUO:

Get the best of two worlds, all while using one capture card. The Live Gamer DUO features two HDMI inputs, one to support a PC or console, and the other for a digital or mirrorless camera, laying the groundwork for an organized and hassle-free stream set up—all using only one PCI-e slot. Featuring on-board video processing that can be done directly on the card, this leaves little to no strain on your PC, while giving you all the features of tone mapping, frame rate conversion, and more. 

Live Gamer ULTRA:

100% lag free. 4Kp60 pass-through. Enjoy 4K to the maximum with an external capture card that’s fit to show you all of the finest details on the latest games. Powerful and compact, the ULTRA’s capabilities continue to shine even after its 4K features—at Full HD, this external card can even capture Full HD recordings up to 120 fps!

Live Gamer BOLT:

Impressive doesn’t even begin to explain it. As the first 4K HDR external capture card capable of recording at 240 fps, the BOLT is the 4K capture card dream that’s also future-proofed to handle next generation games for years to come. Combined with Intel’s Thunderbolt technology, the Live Gamer BOLT provides fast, stable and smooth connectivity that results in ultra low latency, in addition to achieving speeds up to 4 times faster than USB 3.0.

Get Streaming

Complete any stream setup with the perfect products. Whether you’re looking to upgrade an asset or add an entirely new feature to your setup, add a little something that’ll take your live streaming content to the next level. A streamlined process that’s backed up by reliable products and dependable software, these AVerMedia favorites are the ones that’ll help make your stream shine.

Live Gamer DUO:

Form meets function with the Live Gamer DUO—with two inputs built into one card, it’s the perfect capture card for supporting consoles or PC gaming with one input, and your digital or mirrorless camera with the other. Offering 4K HDR and Full HD 240 fps pass-through, the Live Gamer DUO is an essential part of any stream that’s looking for a professional touch. 

And, capable of processing video input signals even before it goes to the PC, it’s just the start of what the DUO is capable of. We don’t have to get into all the technical aspects (because there’s just so much to cover) but you’ll constantly find more reasons to love this capture card. 

USB Microphone:

Crystal clear audio at a price that can’t be beat; the AVerMedia USB Microphone is an essential to your stream setup. Highlighting a uni-directional pattern that filters out background noises and distractions without cutting out your voice, this is a clear winner for content creators that are looking forward to their voice being heard on any platform. 

Live Streamer CAM 513:

With a setup that’s geared to record video in 4K, all that’s left is for you to show the world your best angle. Featuring Sony’s Exmor technology, the Live Streamer CAM 513 is a 4K UHD webcam, delivering crisp and high-quality video. With a 94-degree ultra wide angle and an adjustable swivel base, show off all the trinkets, decorations (or occasional pet appearances) in your streaming room for that extra flair! Additional software from AVerMedia also opens up a world of dynamic functions to support this webcam, such as AI-framing, noise cancellation, ePTZ, and more! 


Let your creativity shine with this plug-and-play HDMI to USB 3.0 converter, AVerMedia’s ExtremeCap. Expand your content with footage that you can record or stream without lossy compression! Whether it’s a cooking, crafting, or a just chatting sort of stream, this convenient device is just what you’ll need to start streaming high quality content. 

Get Started

Looking forward to plunging into the world of content creation? From live-streaming, video recording, and more, there’s so much to explore when it comes to content creation. Share your passions with the world with a kit that’s geared towards letting you understand the fundamentals to content creation.

Live Gamer MINI:

Our small but powerful option, the Live Gamer MINI is best suited for anyone who’s interested in the world of content creation and live-streaming. Simple to use thanks to its USB plug-and-play compatibility, the MINI is an external capture card that captures in 1080p60 with zero-lag pass-through—and is our surefire pick when it comes to streaming games on the Nintendo Switch. 

Live Gamer HD2 (GC570):

An internal capture card that packs a punch with power and style, the Live Gamer HD2 is easily set up as a plug and play PCI-e card that’s ready to record and capture in uncompressed 1080p60. 

USB Microphone:

Plug and play and as straightforward as it can get, the USB Microphone is a beginner friendly mic with a cardioid, uni-directional pattern that easily picks up your voice while filtering out any background noise, guaranteeing clean and crisp audio for your stream. Easy to set up directly from the box, this microphone is sure to deliver high quality audio without any extra software or firmware installations! 

Live Streamer CAM 313:

A high quality webcam solution that’s ready to go out of the box, the Live Streamer CAM 313 is an excellent choice for content creators who are seeking sharp and clear footage that’s perfect for beginners who are building the pieces for their first stream set up. 

Get Moving

For content and editing that you’ll need to do on the fly, the Live Gamer Portable 2+ is the ideal choice for creating and recording footage, wherever you are.

Live Gamer Portable 2+:

Featuring a PC and PC-free mode, the Live Gamer Portable 2+ is a convenient tool for recording footage, wherever you go. Practical for events and special occasions where you might not always have a PC (or laptop) on hand, the flexibility of the Live Gamer Portable 2+ shines with its PC-free mode, storage mode, as well as easy connectivity for live commentary purposes. Whether you’re at home, on the road, or excitedly finding footage everywhere at the next event, the Live Gamer Portable 2+ is the reliable sidekick you’ll want to record it all.

Get Podcasting

Looking for more ways to share your passions with the world? With numerous platforms to utilize and explore, the world of podcasting opens up a multitude of possibilities to dive into. Get started with reliable products that’ll support your journey, or upgrade your podcast with ease when you decide to delve even further into improving your channel 

Live Streamer Microphone:

Clarity comes easy with the Live Streamer Microphone! Easy to set up via USB, this microphone features a unidirectional pattern that picks up sound that’s directly in front of the microphone, while background noises and other distractions will get filtered out. It’s high definition audio for smooth, easy listening.

Live Streamer CAM 313:

An affordable and beginner friendly webcam, the Live Streamer CAM 313 records at 1080p30 as an option for podcasters looking to supplement their audio with a little bit of video footage for platforms such as YouTube, Twitch, and more. 

Live Streamer CAM 513:

Add a professional look to your podcast if you choose to go the video route; the Live Streamer CAM 513 features crisp 4K UHD video quality that’s perfect for recording podcast footage. With a 94-degree ultra wide angle, this webcam’s sure to fully capture you and any possible guests you’d love to feature on your podcast. Combined with features from AVerMedia’s CamEngine software, this webcam is even capable of AI-framing, noise cancellation, and more features that’ll make the production quality easy and dynamic! 

Live Gamer DUO:

For a podcast that you’re thinking about jazzing up with a little more, the Live Gamer DUO is more than just a capture card for gaming. As a capture card with two inputs built in one, this is a great tool for setting up dual cameras to capture multiple angles, or even to record live interviews featuring guest speakers. Curious to see how it’s set up? Check out our quick guide on YouTube!

Still stumped on your choice? (We know, this gift guide could actually just be someone’s entire wishlist.) Learn more about our products on our gift guide page, or if you really need some tips, maybe we can help narrow down some choices! Just give us a poke on Twitter.

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