Another year’s managed to zoom by (haha, get it… because we’re all still hopping on Zoom calls?) and the AVerMedia team rounded up some of the top highlights of the year that couldn’t have been possible without, well, you guys. 

New look, same us

Notice anything different? Early on in the year, we decided to do a quick refresh with our graphics by solidifying our branding and messaging to really get our point across–that we’re right there supporting anyone who chooses to step up and #boldlycreate. Staying true to our classic AVerMedia red and black scheme, we refreshed our look and feel on our designs to match the sleek and clean look of our products.

You might have caught some updated social images, our shiny new look on the e-store, or the jazzed up layouts on some of our website’s landing pages, but the concept hasn’t changed. At the heart of it all, create and connect with AVerMedia.

See more with less: The PW315

In February, we announced the PW315: Live Streamer CAM 315 as an affordable solution for creators that could use the wide-angle option, but didn’t necessarily see the need for the 4K option (lookin’ at you, PW513). For creators that needed a flexible camera to start with, or for creators that needed a secondary camera for other purposes, the PW315 was great news for anyone that needed something on a budget that would still deliver reliably clear footage!

We’ve covered how to use the PW315 (as well as other products) for a simple, yet complete setup here:

Be in Control: The AX310 + AM330

So much to tease and so much to talk about–the AX310 and AM330 were both tough products to keep hush about! Combined, these two products were designed for content creators and live streamers who wanted to feel more in control of the content, no matter what content they were making. And in mid-May, we finally released them:

As an audio mixer and control center all rolled up into a clean and easy to use device, the AX310 opened the doors for creators, and the AM330 dynamic microphone was the cherry on top with its crisp, professional-quality sound. 

A powerful combination for anyone looking to take their content to the next level, its flexibility and our constant updates through the months make these great items to keep a close eye on, and we’re looking forward to rolling out even more updates to them in the coming year!

Teamwork makes the stream work!

We really made an effort to stream even more this year, especially with our partners so that viewers could get an opportunity to see them in their element, and it was a bonus for us to be able to hang out with some of our talented partners as well! Through a mix of gaming and informative Q&A sessions (sprinkled with a couple of giveaways here and there), the AVerMedia team slowly created a space where we could showcase everything that AVerMedia stood for–from products to partners, our stream was a place where everyone could learn and understand how to get the ball rolling with their content creation journey.

We’ve recapped a bit of a stream featuring some of our partners here:

Streaming bi-monthly also gave viewers a timeframe to ask questions about our products, and the team was able to share information as well as show off some live demos for anyone that was curious about the ins and outs of any of our products. We’re always looking forward to these streams and hope to grow them further in the coming year! Check out our Twitch and follow us to get notified whenever we go live next:

Step it up with 4K: The BU113

In late September, there was a big announcement for a teeny tiny card: The Live CAP 4K was great news for creators searching for that 4K oomph! As an external capture card with no frills and no extra hassle, this card was a clear winner for creators that wanted to save precious PCI-e space and needed an easy setup for their mirrorless camera, GoPro, or DSLR. (And for under $100, it’s pretty much a steal.)

Create and Connect: 2.0

On a note of getting closer with our partners and streaming… we had so much fun with Create and Connect last year that we decided to do it again in 2021! Thankfully, a bunch of our partners joined in on the fun with us for informative panels, mixed in with bits of staff gaming here and there. We had lots of highlights, and from informative and deep topics, to light-hearted memes about Andy’s cat and lo-fi NEXUS beats, the AVerMedia staff also gained a lot of new knowledge and memories, thanks to the second year of Create and Connect:

We highly encourage you to check out the VODs on our Twitch here if you missed out!

Hey, partners—we see you!

Not only did we work closer with our partners this year, we also introduced a few new partners to join the AVerMedia family:

We just had to squeeze in some time to find new partners some point in the year! Since we’ve been making plans to continue growing our partnership program, the AVerMedia team thought we’d ease our way into it by introducing six new partners in 2021, and we are so thrilled to have the opportunity to partner with such a talented and creative crew.

With the help of our partners both new and old, this whole year of events wouldn’t have been possible. From our live streams to our outreach, our partners have gone above and beyond with supporting us and we can only hope we have done the same for them!

From product launches to getting even closer with our partners and our community, it’s safe to say we had a blast planning everything. Here’s to another year full of creativity and new memories–as always, we’ll be looking forward to seeing what you will create in the new year! With 2022 just around the corner, have you thought about how you will continue to #boldlycreate yet?

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