When you purchase a new tool to level up your creativity like a capture card, webcam, or control center, it can be daunting to set up!

We’ve made this process simple via our download manager for Windows, Assist Central.

Assist Central is a tool that checks what devices you have connected to your PC and automatically finds the correct and most up-to-date software, drivers, and firmware for said devices – excluding experimental versions.

You can refer to this TikTok for a quick guide on using it:


Have AVerMedia products? Get Assist Central for easy updates on your #CaptureCard #Webcam #Mic or more!

♬ original sound – AVerMedia
GIF on navigating to Assist Central via the official AVerMedia website

From the official website, navigate to the Support section, where you’ll find Assist Central in the Downloads section. Alternatively, you can click on this handy link to go directly to the page:

Steps to run:

GIF on Assist Central interface; select the products you'd like to check for updates on.
  1. At the top, tick the checkboxes of the products you’d like to check for updates on
    • NOTE: We recommend installing whatever Assist Central recommends, but in the body of the software, advanced users can check or uncheck downloads individually
  2. Hit “Installation and Update” to download the selected items for your selected devices
  3. Hit “Execute” to install your newly downloaded software, firmware, or driver
Screenshot of the last process on Assist Central, click Execute to update and install your newly downloaded software, firmware, or driver.

Updating your device without Assist Central:

Assist Central currently only runs on Windows 10 and 11. If you’re on a Mac and can’t use Assist Central or are on Windows but only need the latest firmware for one device, you can still manually download software, drivers, and firmware.

On the top-level navigation found at avermedia.com, simply go to Products -> your product category -> your product (IE. Products -> Video Capture -> Live Streamer CAP 4K) 

GIF on manually finding the software or firmware that you might need if you are unable to download Assist Central.

Go to the download section. The application would contain the most relevant software for using it, the firmware section would have an installer for the latest firmware, and the utility section would have additional software to support the device. Be sure to download the proper version for your operating system!

In the case of the CAP 4K, the “application” is RECentral, our streaming and recording software. The firmware section is self explanatory, and the utility section has CamEngine, our software for customizing cameras connected via the CAP 4K and webcams like the PW513.

Once you’ve installed your software, refer to other resources for guides and feature overviews such as our blog posts on RECentral features, videos on Creator Central features, or posts on CamEngine features.

We’re committed to providing the best tools for you to #BoldlyCreate, and that includes the software that powers it! Whether manually downloading on Mac or using Assist Central on Windows, we hope you have a smooth setup so you can get back to making your best content.

Posted by:AVerMedia Technologies Inc.

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