We provide a lot of powerful software to accompany our hardware. One thing that makes that software so powerful is how flexibly you can integrate AVerMedia into an existing OBS setup!

In this blog we’ll discuss how you can use each of our software: CamEngine and Creator Central alongside OBS to level up your creativity.


Compatible with AVerMedia webcams such as the Live CAM 315, Live CAM 513, and the PW 310P, CamEngine allows you to customize and change your settings—learn more about how to adjust your settings to get the most out of your webcam:

In addition to flexible editing, CamEngine is also packed with features like ePTZ cropping, AI framing, RTX video integration, face effects, filters, two-camera views, and more!

And that can all translate to your OBS setup! Instead of using your webcam or Live Streamer CAP 4K as a video device source in OBS, use CamEngine instead. This applies to anywhere you can use video capture devices as a source as well!

First, make sure your cameras aren’t being used by OBS or other applications when setting up CamEngine.

In CamEngine, you can adjust the resolution of your camera to whatever it supports by right clicking the device and adjusting settings (IE. 4K30 or 1080p60 for PW513), and you can also adjust the resolution CamEngine exports its video via CamEngine’s overall settings.

You could have all 4K inputs on CamEngine exported to OBS at 4K for best quality or at 1080p to improve system performance! You can choose with specificity what resolution you want CamEngine to export, or you can simply leave the output at “auto” to match inputs.

On top of this, the hotkeys you set for CamEngine are universal, meaning even if the software itself isn’t open (but CamEngine is being used as a source), you can use your hotkeys to toggle face effects, RTX effects, filter, ePTZ crop, or AI framing. On the bottom right, click the settings button, then set your hotkeys:

Your webcam isn’t just a webcam—make the most of it with CamEngine x OBS integration.

Creator Central:

With Creator Central, you can install the OBS websocket to control your stream on the same PC or a different one. Follow the video for an intro on setup or check our instructions:

Control your scenes, sources, audio, recording, and going live!

While the OBS websocket is indeed a powerful feature, you’ll likely use this one even more: submixes.

By default, Creator Central only has one primary mix, but with one click, you can enable dual mix.

Set custom volumes on the creator mix (what YOU hear) and the audience mix (what your VIEWERS hear). For example, you might want to quietly listen to your mic for monitoring in creator mix but have it at 80% volume for the audience. You might also want to clearly hear the game you’re playing in creator mix but lower game volume for the audience so your voice is more audible.

Then, to use submixes, simply add audience mix as an audio source in OBS and apply it to the audio track your stream hears.

RECentral (via multi-app support)

Fun fact: some of our capture cards support multi-app functionality—specifically, the Live Gamer DUO, Live Gamer 4K, and Live Gamer BOLT.

RECentral is a powerful recording and streaming software in and of itself, though many of its best features are saved for recording.

Use instant highlights to capture high-quality gameplay clips alongside your stream for future editing or HDR recording for even higher quality gameplay for future video editing. No need to rely on potentially choppy/pixelated VODS for your editing clips from gameplay!

You can read our blogs on RECentral for instant highlights and live editing and more detailed information here:

Your personal workflow is important, and that workflow is different for everyone. The software integrations we’ve developed add extra flexibility to how you use our products so you can create with ease and confidence.

Whether or not you use these powerful tools, the options are all there! Try one (or more) of these software integrations as you #BoldlyCreate your best content.

Posted by:AVerMedia Technologies Inc.

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