Webcams have become an essential tool for digital conferencing, remote learning, meetings, streaming, content creation, and even fun with friends. AVerMedia offers a wide selection of unique, powerful webcams—so what’s the best webcam for you?

PW515: Best Webcam for Conferencing

If you are looking for the best webcam for conferencing, the AVerMedia PW515 offers the most premium performance in the market. It has a crisp 4K30 video, a 65-100 degree variable wide-angle field of view, and superb low-light performance. Additionally, it has a built-in stereo microphone featuring proprietary AI noise reduction technology for optimal audio.

Use the PW515 alongside our proprietary CamEngine software for additional features! Make use of AI tracking for dynamic frame adjustments, ensuring everyone is in frame. It’s your camera and your cameraman, all in one. Set custom ePTZ framing presets to ensure everyone is in frame or so you’re zoomed in enough to hide the mess in your room. Last, use additional settings like filters, face effects, and more to make the PW515 your most indispensable conferencing tool!

PW513: Best Webcam for Creators

If you want to stream in 4K30 and enjoy great quality footage, the PW513 is your best bet. It’s got clear, crisp video that looks amazing on streaming platforms like Twitch and YouTube. It has many of the same CamEngine features as the PW515 (AI tracking, ePTZ framing, filters, etc), but has fixed focus instead of auto. This means it’s perfectly tuned for a streamer’s distance from the camera—you won’t need to adjust your setup in order to get an optimal angle! Additionally, we strongly recommend using the PW513 alongside lighting for best results.

However, if you already have a nicer mirrorless camera like the Sony a6100, we recommend picking up the Live Streamer CAP 4K and using it to capture your camera. We’re proud to have options for every use case when it comes to creating, connecting, and conferencing.

PW315: Best webcam for students

Students: The AVerMedia PW315 is the best webcam for you. It’s a great value and offers smooth 1080p60 video with a 94-degree field of view. In addition to working perfectly for clear video calls, it’s also more than sufficient for streaming!

It too has access to many premium software features in our CamEngine software like AI tracking, ePTZ framing presets, filters, and more. Look your best without breaking the bank using the PW315! It’s the best wide-angle webcam at its price point.

PW313D Dual Cam: Best Webcam for Educators

We’re big fans of the PW313D Dual Cam—it allows you to capture yourself and and something else at the same time. With two webcams in one, this model is perfect for capturing yourself and showing something on your desk like a map, worksheet, or diagram so students can follow along easily during class. It’s also great for teaching online courses since you don’t have to worry about setting up multiple cameras or having someone else set them up for you—just plug this baby into your computer’s USB port, set it up in our CamEngine software and voila!

Live Streamer CAP 4K (BU113): Turn your Camera into a Webcam

If you’re looking to turn your camera into a webcam, the Live Streamer CAP 4K is a small capture card that will do it. It’s great for anyone who likes to create and connect with their friends and family. All you need to do is plug it into your computer or laptop, connect with the software on your device like OBS, Zoom, or Discord, and start capturing video from any camera!


Whether you’re a business professional, streamer, student, educator, gamer, or just someone who needs to look good on camera, there are lots of options out there for webcams. When choosing which one is right for you, keep in mind that the best webcam is the one that meets your specific needs and budget. We hope our recommendations have helped you discover some new options in this area, and we hope you continue to create and connect with AVerMedia!

Posted by:AVerMedia Technologies Inc.

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